1,624 Toys For Tots

1,624.  That is the grand total of toys, books, and stuffing stuffers dropped off at the WDAZ Toys For Tots Truck over a two week period in late November and early December.  1,624.  That’s a lot of toys.  And a lot of generous people on the giving end.  And on the receiving end, 587 children and 238 families are going to have the kind of Christmas everyone deserves.

Thank you to all who donated.  It was amazing to watch cars pull into the parking lot non-stop and fill our truck from Whalen’s Moving and Storage.

When people ask me why I live here in the frozen tundra, I think I know what my new answer is going to be.

Think Toys for Tots on Black Friday

We try not to get too preachy here at The Tales, but we’d like you to consider purchasing just one extra toy when you’re doing your Black Friday shopping.  Then swing on by WDAZ-TV at 2220 South Washington Street in Grand Forks and drop off your unwrapped toy.

People, the truck is a 26 footer.  It’s three times larger than last year’s truck.  We need help!

Toys for Tots

WDAZ-TV and Whalen’s Moving and Storage have once again joined forces to help the Toys For Tots program! Bring a new, unwrapped toy to the truck during the next two weeks and help a child who might otherwise go without this Christmas Season!

This is our second year being involved in the program, and if last year is any indication, it’s going to be huge.  Whalen’s has loaned us a truck that is three times larger than last year.

And we intend to fill it.  With your help!

A Final Thought on Tots…and Toys

From L to R: Charley Johnson, Molly Thorvilson, Terry Dullum and Dave Whalen.

What started out as an idea to do something nice for someone at Christmas time has turned out to be one of the bigger WDAZ promotional pushes in recent memory.  We hastily devised a “Toys for Tots” campaign in which viewers were asked to donate a new toy for children and families that may otherwise go without.

Well, viewers answered.  Resoundingly and with passion.  Most brought more than one gift, and many brought ten or twenty or thirty.  One man brought in nearly 200 Match Box Cars.  Think about that.  Each one was in its own, unopened box.  His name was Marv and he donated his entire collection.

In just six days our viewers filled a moving truck from our new best friends Whalen Moving and Storage.  A special thanks to Dave Whalen and his great crew for joining us without hesitation in this operation.

When all was said and done, the very fine people at Toys for Tots told us that the truck load of gifts from WDAZ was the single biggest donation this year.  Imagine what we could all accomplish with a little more planning for next year.  I mentioned to Dave Whalen that we should try fill a semi-trailer next year.  Without hesitating he said, “Let’s do it.”

I know I shouldn’t be surprised at how nice people are in this part of the world, but somehow their generosity caught me off guard.  I liked that.

Toys for Tots: WDAZ

WDAZ (L), Whalen's Truck (R)

It’s always fun to be part of a “good cause,” so in the effort to make Christmas a little more merry for area kids we at WDAZ decided to use our promotional clout to help the Toys for Tots efforts.  We’ve teamed with Whalen’s Moving and Storage (they provided the truck) to ask for donations of new, unwrapped toys for area children.  You can drop off your gift at WDAZ-TV located at 2220 South Washington Street in Grand Forks between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. between today and next Tuesday.

WDAZ anchors Molly Thorvilson, Charley Johnson, Pat Sweeney and Terry Dullum preparing for our Toys for Tots promotional spot.