Random Thursday on a Friday

*Sorry about yesterday.  I spent the morning standing in line outside my Taco Bell to get a Cool Ranch Doritos Taco.  Let’s just say I was underwhelmed.  In fact, I didn’t even really taste the Cool Ranch.  As the kids would say, it was “Meh.”

*Reggie Tales shout out to Big Doug who’s kicking it old school in Stephen for a few days.

*I’d really like to see the East Grand Forks Green Wave knock off that semi-pro team from St. Thomas Academy today.

*Reggie Tales bonus shout out to Bro #1 and his better half on the anniversary of their nuptials in a couple of days.

*Aleve is the best over the counter back pain relief on the market.

Random Thursday

*When talking about movies, why do people sometime say, “I liked the book better.”?  Ok…I get it…you read books.  I go to movies.

*Reggie Tales shout out to the good people at The Tavern.

*Reggie Tales bonus shout out to Jared in Neche.

*Lots of Internet buzz about Out of Work Hockey Guy’s movie review yesterday.  The words most often used are “brutally honest.”  Other words tossed around were “bizarre” and “interesting”.

Random Thursday

*I hear a storm is going to hit near Omaha and the lower Midwest.

*I keep one eye on the Minnesota Gophers basketball team.  How could a team with so much alleged talent be so mediocre?

*I hope we skip this Monday’s blizzard.  I fear the local newspaper is running out of names.

*Reggie Tales shout out to Richy in Felton.

*My Roomba knows seven languages.  I’m not making that up.  My favorite is when it speaks German to me.  It sounds mad.

*I think I’ve seen every movie I intended to see for the time being.  And even a couple I didn’t intend to see.  I actually went to a movie called “Mama” recently.  It is the first “scary” movie I’ve gone to since “Misery.”  Remember when Kathy Bates hobbled that one guy?  That was scary.


Random Thursday

*Happy Thursday!

*Rain Man and Mrs. Rain Man went to “Identity Theft” last night and they loved it.  “Identity Theft is a must see movie,” said Rain Man.  He continued, “It’s a 4 Skittle kind of a movie…that good.”  Keep in mind that the Rain People thought “Ted” was waaaay funnier than it really was.

*Reggie Tales shout out to Ron at the North End.

*I’m probably going to do a surprise movie review tomorrow.

*I’m fixin’ on going to George Strait on Saturday night with the Good Doctor, Hot Dog John: Straight outta Fosston, and his baby brother.  Should be fun.  I reckon I won’t wear a cowboy hat.


Random Thursday

*Multiplicity with Michael Keaton…one of the worst movies of all time.

*My new favorite television show:  Tattoo Nightmares.  It’s a reality show where tattoo artists in Los Angeles “repair” really bad/inappropriate/aggressive tattoos.  Sheer genius.

*I might have misunderstood, but did the Minnesota Wild trade for Lindy Ruff?  I question that move.

*Lot of buzz yesterday with Summer Sidekick’s scalding review of “Gangster Squad.”  SSK really took a blowtorch to that place.  And “.25 stars?”  Historians will love that.

*Reggie Tales shout out to Jeanette at Valley Dairy.

*A lot of people wondering if I want to become the next mayor of Stephen, since they’ve been without one since November.  I’m willing to listen.  Especially if the kickbacks are lucrative.


Random Thursday

*I hate surprise storms.  I think we can stop with the wind and the snow and the cold.

*I might go to “Gangster Squad” next.  Or “Parker.”  I always enjoy movies with Jason Statham.  But at the same time, J-Lo is in it so I have a real dilemma on my hands.

*I might be alone on this, but I’m tiring of the Ray Lewis act.

*Reggie Tales shout out to Big Jeff in Alvarado.  Without his expertise, trains would be crashing into each other at the Alvarado Exchange on a daily basis.

*I don’t care who wins the Super Bowl.  I’d like for it to be close and have lots of funny commercials.

*Very entertaining game last night between the Wild and the Blackhawks.

Random Thursday

*Nothing really brings the people of this country together more than a good lip-synching controversy.  It’s really heartwarming, watching people argue for days and days whether Beyonce actually sang at the Inauguration.  I have an idea, why doesn’t somebody just ask her?  Better yet, how about we don’t worry about it?

*In a league that recycles head coaches year after year after year, I wonder why Brian Billick and Herm Edwards haven’t gotten another NFL coaching job.

*Reggie Tales shout out to Hawke from South Bay.  He’s going under the knife and some other surgical tools today and I’m sure he’d welcome the thoughts and prayers of Reggie Tales Nation.  Yes, Reggie Tales Nation.

*My next movie will be “Silver Linings Playbook.”  I’m on an unprecedented string of seeing great movies.  And I fully expect it to continue.

*People say the cold “keeps the riff raff out.”  Well, I think they’re gone now.

*My good friend Bokko sent me this text this morning:  What’s the ruling on getting a new toothbrush after you are sick?  Doesn’t that make sense?  He asked that I open it up to the readers for discussion.

*On an unrelated note, I’m worried about my good friend Bokko.

Random Thursday: Manti Te’o Edition

*Well…this might be the craziest story I’ve ever heard.  And my guess is we’ve only uncovered about 10% of the truth.

*So, for three years, Manti never actually met, in person, his girlfriend?  And he never once Skyped or iChatted with her?

*And he never went to her funeral?

*I think for me, the most interesting part of the story at this point is that Notre Dame has chosen to firmly stand behind Te’o.  They’ve had three weeks to investigate his version.  If it ends up Te’o is lying, Notre Dame is going to have a very difficult time circling the wagons.

*One thing is for certain, and I’m not even joking here, the book and movie are going to be fabulous.  It’s early, but I’m thinking Mario Lopez as Manti Te’o:






*And I leave you with this:  Even though Manti Te’o’s girlfriend doesn’t exist, Brent Musburger still thinks she’s good looking.

*Ps…Reggie Tales shout out to Rudy in South Bend.

Random Thursday

*I’m surprised at the Oscar snubs of Ben Affleck and Quentin Tarantino.

*With Minnesota out of the playoff picture, I think I’m going to throw my support behind Peyton Manning, Chris Kuper and the Denver Broncos.  Good to see Kuper back in the lineup.

*Reggie Tales shout out to Justin at Judy’s World Famous Tavern.

*The Minnesota and UND hockey series next weekend in Minneapolis is going to be a good one.

*If you like a good television story like I like a good television story, you won’t want to miss TV’s David Schwab’s story tonight about a 102 year old Grafton woman who happens to be a bowling phenom.  You can also check it out on wdaz.com later tonight.

*Bonus shout out to the great people at Amazing Grains.  If you haven’t had soup or a sandwich from AG, you’re missing out.

*I bought new tires for my vehicle at Wal-Mart this week.  I could write a sitcom based on the experience.  And I could easily get eight episodes out of it.

Random Thursday

*Busy sports weekend.  UND Hockey, Minnesota Vikings, NDSU Football, and all the NFL playoff games.

*I’ve been asked to remind people that the speed limit on Columbia Road is 40, not 25.

*Reggie Tales shout out to Wells Fargo Guy and his buddy, B-Foley.

*I’m currently tearing through Bill O’Reilly’s “Killing JFK” book.  I got it as a Christmas gift and it’s hard to put down.

*It looks like a slew of great movies coming out in the very near future.  Including the one with Matt Damon.  And the one with Bill Murray.

*Last night was one of the best episodes ever of “Restaurant Impossible.”  Chef Irvine was really mad.