Houghton in Review

*If you don’t make any stops, you can drive from Grand Forks to Houghton, Michigan in eight and half hours.  But that would be preposterous to not stop.  It is exactly 485 miles.  490 miles if you leave Out of Work Hockey Guy in charge of the map.

*Houghton is a sleepy, peaceful town of about 8,000 in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  It “feels” like Northern Minnesota but with far more hills.

*During the course of 20 hours in a very nice vehicle, two hockey games, and several meals with beverage service, many stories/lies were told.  Summer Side Kick and OoWHG authored many tales which I found to be questionable in fact.  The guy I didn’t know who tagged along on our trip was mostly interested in reading roadside plaques and wandering around in the woods/talking about wood.

*The day trip to Calumet and the history surrounding the once thriving city is worth your time.

*I stayed at a hotel two blocks from a Little Caesar’s where ten years ago I ordered ten pizzas, but due to circumstances beyond my control, didn’t get to pick them up.  I did not check and see if they were ready.

*Houghton is in the Eastern time zone.

*Little known fact:  There is a fierce Mah John game at the Eagle Harbor Inn on Saturday afternoons.  And the ribs are the kind where you don’t talk to anybody for about fifteen minutes while you’re eating them.  And say “hi” to Keith.  If you dare.

*The Michigan Tech hockey arena was actually a lot nicer and brighter than I thought it would be.  And their pep band is raucous.  But the guy banging the cowbell the entire game has to be the most annoying person in Michigan.  More cowbell?  I think not.