What Are The Vikings Doing?

Percy Harvin

Sidney Rice

Nate Burleson

Randy Moss






If someone knows what the Vikings are doing, will you please let me know?  For a team with the most pathetic receiving corps in modern-day football, they sure are in a hurry to get rid of the only semblance of talent they have.

Are we supposed to believe that the player the Vikings get with Seattle’s number 25 pick will be as good or better than Harvin?  The Vikings will paint Harvin as a malcontent and a loose cannon.  And he probably has reason to be.  As he laid it on the line for the last three years, he watched as Minnesota gladly threw money at the Chicago Bears castoff receivers.  Money that would have been better spent on Harvin.

The Vikings are about $18 million below the salary cap.  It will be interesting to see what they do with it.  But for the time being, I will assume they are looking at the Bears roster and waiting for them to dump one of their pathetic receivers.


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  1. What has any of those other three WR done after they left the Vikings? Outside of Randy Moss (who got the privilege to play with pretty boy Brady), none of them really amounted to anything but a #2 or #3 WR on the depth chart. Maybe the Vikings see something that the average Couch GM does not see, thus in getting rid of players like Percy Harvin.

    • Rain Man, stick to counting cards and toothpicks. You’re missing the point. I don’t care what they do AFTER they leave the Vikings. I care what they are doing WHEN they leave the Vikings. Besides, as a Packers fan, stay out of this. ps…do you have any discarded receivers we might like?

    • Getting rid of Marvin was hasty to say the least, given the Vikings have no receiving core worth talking about. Who is are the Vikings going to dump who may demand more money? The Bears have 3 darn good receivers but have to figure out who will be their QB and it doesn’t look good for Cutler. The Vikings defensive secondary is toast and that is another reason they are 3-9-1 going from a playoff team to a cellar dweller…Yes you can blame coaches but losing veterans and depending on first year drafts to fill the shoes doesn’t sit well for the front office…

  2. At least SSK can get his MN Vikings Percy Harvin jersey to go along with his Fred Smoot Redskins one!

  3. Being as Percy missed the last 7 games of 2012 (not to mention the myriad before that) I feel it was the wise choice to get what we could for him. Longevity is the key, & the one thing he has proven is his durability, or rather lack of. Add to this his reported desire not to be a Viking or play for our franchise and the table is set. What gives me joy is the chuckle heads that now pick Seattle as a favorite to win their division because of this. Let’s see how well he holds up in his new division. I thank you Harvin, yet bid you a hearty farewell.
    Regards Flip.

  4. I can’t believe Buffalo re-signed Tarvaris Jackson. I thought he would be bagging groceries by now.

  5. Reggie – what happened to you? I noticed you are no longer the news director. =-(

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