Random Thursday

*Happy Thursday!

*Rain Man and Mrs. Rain Man went to “Identity Theft” last night and they loved it.  “Identity Theft is a must see movie,” said Rain Man.  He continued, “It’s a 4 Skittle kind of a movie…that good.”  Keep in mind that the Rain People thought “Ted” was waaaay funnier than it really was.

*Reggie Tales shout out to Ron at the North End.

*I’m probably going to do a surprise movie review tomorrow.

*I’m fixin’ on going to George Strait on Saturday night with the Good Doctor, Hot Dog John: Straight outta Fosston, and his baby brother.  Should be fun.  I reckon I won’t wear a cowboy hat.


4 thoughts on “Random Thursday

    • Now ho down there, Lars, just a little bit. I remember seeing Johnny Cash at the old fair grounds in ’67 and it was a real good show. $5 ticket, if I’m remembering correctly.

      I’m more a classic rock guy, as you know, but good country music is hard to beat. Enjoy the show Reggie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      D. Ditch

  1. 1. The movie is called “Identity Thief” not “Identity Theft”.
    2. Lars Ulrich, I’ve been sharing your music for years, except Death Magnetic because I didn’t care for that album too much.

    • Rain: Concur with your dissing of “Death Magnetic”. Hetfield threw us under the bus on that one.

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