Random Thursday

*Nothing really brings the people of this country together more than a good lip-synching controversy.  It’s really heartwarming, watching people argue for days and days whether Beyonce actually sang at the Inauguration.  I have an idea, why doesn’t somebody just ask her?  Better yet, how about we don’t worry about it?

*In a league that recycles head coaches year after year after year, I wonder why Brian Billick and Herm Edwards haven’t gotten another NFL coaching job.

*Reggie Tales shout out to Hawke from South Bay.  He’s going under the knife and some other surgical tools today and I’m sure he’d welcome the thoughts and prayers of Reggie Tales Nation.  Yes, Reggie Tales Nation.

*My next movie will be “Silver Linings Playbook.”  I’m on an unprecedented string of seeing great movies.  And I fully expect it to continue.

*People say the cold “keeps the riff raff out.”  Well, I think they’re gone now.

*My good friend Bokko sent me this text this morning:  What’s the ruling on getting a new toothbrush after you are sick?  Doesn’t that make sense?  He asked that I open it up to the readers for discussion.

*On an unrelated note, I’m worried about my good friend Bokko.

4 thoughts on “Random Thursday

  1. I lipsynch while driving in my Chevy pickup around Drayton with my Labrador, Divot


  2. RT,

    Why don’t you have an “Ask Reggie” segment????? Your smart and insightful readers would undoutedly spice up the blog with unique and interesting questions that you could amateurishly try to answer.

    Just a thought…


  3. The Stephen High School band never got caught, but they lip synched ALL of their concerts in 1970-72

    Linda Vukmanich

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