Now We Know Why

Somewhere, Sage Rosenfels is smiling.  Heck, he might have even passed out from laughing.

Rosenfels was the quarterback the Vikings deemed dispensable because Joe Webb was going to be their backup.

Well, now we know why Leslie Frazier never pulled Christian Ponder at any point during the season.  And there was probably two or three times when he should have.  The Vikings inability to judge quarterback talent is as comical as Joe Webb attempting a forward pass.

Once the Green Bay Packers realized that Webb was a one trick pony, they directed all their defensive efforts to Adrian Peterson.  And somehow, Peterson still managed to gain 99 yards with everyone in the stadium trying to tackle him.

I’m guessing the Vikings don’t let their backup quarterbacks throw any passes in practice.  Otherwise, how could they knowingly stay with Webb in that role the entire year?

Reggie Tales tried to contact Sage Rosenfels for a comment, but he was laughing so hard he couldn’t talk.

3 thoughts on “Now We Know Why

  1. How do you know Rosenfels would have done any better. He was on the Vikings for three or four years and we never saw him play. They dumped Rosenfels to keep McCloud Bethel Johnson Thompson, or whatever his name is, It sounds like a nine man football coop.

  2. Given the choice between Webb and Ponder I’d still take Webb. The front office would like to think Ponder is “the guy”, but after 2 yrs of watching his happy feet, slow and poor reads and off balance throws I’m convinced he’ll never be an adequate NFL QB. Webb did OK considering he gets little practice reps and no game action all year and then gets thrown into Lambeau in the playoffs????? He is a better NFL QB than Ponder, he just won’t get a chance under this GM and staff.

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