Random Thursday

*Cool Runnings is a Top 10 underrated movie of all time.

*I’ve never eaten DippinDots.  Known as the “Ice Cream of the Future.”

*My Christmas shopping is almost complete.  Usually at this point, I haven’t started yet.  I’d hate to be that guy this Saturday.  It’s going to be ugly out there.

*Reggie Tales shout out to all my family members in North Carolina.  Merry Christmas!  Maybe we could Skype on Christmas Eve?

*Kristen, have you found that box for me yet?  I need to get it wrapped.  And since I know you’re a big fan of The Tales, I’m confident you’ll get this message.

4 thoughts on “Random Thursday

  1. I recently had a conversation at work where I quoted Cool Runnings ” you dead, Mon?”……no one I worked w/ had ever seen the movie….for shame!

  2. Back at you from the Carolinas! Exciting trip to West Virginia yesterday; successful all around. We have secured the 49th fridge magnet. Shopping today and lefse making tomorrow. Fluffy, please send the secret family recipe?

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