1,624 Toys For Tots

1,624.  That is the grand total of toys, books, and stuffing stuffers dropped off at the WDAZ Toys For Tots Truck over a two week period in late November and early December.  1,624.  That’s a lot of toys.  And a lot of generous people on the giving end.  And on the receiving end, 587 children and 238 families are going to have the kind of Christmas everyone deserves.

Thank you to all who donated.  It was amazing to watch cars pull into the parking lot non-stop and fill our truck from Whalen’s Moving and Storage.

When people ask me why I live here in the frozen tundra, I think I know what my new answer is going to be.

One thought on “1,624 Toys For Tots

  1. Agreed………… thanks to WDAZ and all the donors for making some kids Christmas a little better.

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