Minnesota Twins

If I had a dollar for every person who’s asked me, “What are the Minnesota Twins doing?” I’d have $14.

This much I know for sure:  Former General Manager Bill Smith was asleep at the wheel and basically drove this franchise into the ground.  And now current General Manager Terry Ryan is trying to resuscitate it for the upcoming year (doubtful) and for the long haul (promising).

One thing Ryan knows is minor league pitching talent.  Any decent Twins fan can run through a lengthy list of pitchers Ryan plucked from other organizations as minor leaguers.  Ryan’s history of staying at minor league baseball games for the entire nine innings is legendary.

So in Terry Ryan I trust.  He will rebuild the pitching staff with one eye to next year and the other to the years beyond.  He’s done it before and I suspect he’ll do it again.  And keep in mind that I’m really down on this organization right now.  But with February looming, hope springs eternal.

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    • It’s hard to believe Joe Mauer’s contract has to still be defended. The Twins had absolutely no choice but to sign Joe Mauer when they did and for whatever it took. Can you imagine the uproar if they had traded him or let him walk after they had received the gift of a new ballpark? And in 2012 they are not constrained by Mauer’s contract. They are presently $25 million under budget and are ‘giving’ away millions to chumps like Kevin Correia @ $5 million per.

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