Random Thursday

*The Baltimore Orioles now have Lew Ford, JJ Hardy, Alexi Casilla, and Danny Valencia, all ex-Twins.

*I miss the Bronze Boot.

*Reggie Tales shout to Doc Litin in Olmsted County.

*Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick are better quarterbacks than Christian Ponder.

*I wonder why I only play Powerball when it reaches record levels?  Why don’t I play it when it’s $20 million?

6 thoughts on “Random Thursday

  1. Several people have told me they only play Powerball when the media tells them it’s gonna be huge. So really it’s your fault when you play.

  2. Reggie, Thanks for the Shoutout!!! BTW, I’m a better quarterback than Christian Ponder.


  3. Reggie, if I’m going to get struck by a bolt of lightning, I want it to be a $500mil bolt of lightning, not a $20mil one.

  4. Remember when the Orioles stole Scott Erickson from the Twins for Scott (what the heck) Klingenbeck?

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