Lincoln: Reviewed

My string of seeing very good movies continued recently when I went to “Lincoln.”  Steven Spielberg directs a gigantic cast in this sprawling history lesson centered around the 13th Amendment.

Lincoln fans, history buffs, and people who enjoy high quality movie making will love this flick.  I think I’m a little of each.  Granted, I’m not a great Lincoln “mind,” and Spielberg might have taken liberties that I’m not aware of, I still found it to be a fascinating history lesson.

To be honest, I have no idea who the guy was that played Lincoln.  But he was very good.  Sally Field plays Mrs. Lincoln.  Apparently Mrs. Lincoln was not shy when voicing her opinion to Abe.  The rest of the cast is huge.  And filled with dozens of great character actors.

So if you’re scoring at home, and wouldn’t that be weird if you were, I rank the last three movies as such:

1.  Argo

2.  Lincoln

3.  Flight

Come awards time, Ben Affleck and Spielberg are going to have a battle for best movie and director.


4 out of 5 stars

Popcorn, 3/4 Red Powerade and 1/4 Sprite.

A man of about 65 years sat behind me and was wearing a healthy dose of Brut 33.  But he didn’t talk or doing anything weird so I gave him a pass.

4 thoughts on “Lincoln: Reviewed

    • I’m serious. I had no idea. I wouldn’t know him if he walked into my office right now. Unless he was dressed like Lincoln.

      • Last of the Mohicans, There Will be Blood…he’s always amazing. Kinda like Denzel – Flight also terrific. Nice to know some actors in Hollywood can still consistently produce awesome work without all the drama on the side!

  1. I like your reviews…..but I really read them to find out what awesome soda combinations you come up with!

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