Typical Vikings

Any long suffering Vikings fan could have predicted last night’s debacle.  It was so typical that I was unable to yell or throw a single thing in my home.  I’ve actually become comfortably numb with games like that.  The one question I have, that no one has ever, ever answered for me, is:  How do performances like last night transcend from year to year, team to team, coach to coach, owner to owner, decade to decade?  How?

A guy I work with at the TV station, (I’ll call him Jeff, because that’s his name.  I’m not sure what he does here, but I once saw him change the combination locks on the back door of the building) asked me a couple weeks ago why I never blog about the Vikings.  I told him it was because they aren’t that good and that their bubble would soon burst.  Keep in mind, I’m a Vikings fan.  I realize that being realistic is not a normal trait for a Vikings fan.

I could spend hours detailing what’s wrong with this team.  But I won’t.  Suffice it to say that Christian Ponder is a below average quarterback in a league in which almost every team has an above average quarterback.  Also, if you take Percy Harvin out of the equation, Minnesota’s receivers are a joke.  It’s embarrassing.  Add in a punter that kicks the ball 31 yards and a coaching staff incapable of making in-game adjustments, and there you have it.

When the end of the season rolls around, and the Vikings are one win shy of the playoffs, remember this loss to a very talented and tough Tampa Bay team.  Wink.

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