Random Thursday on a Friday

*There’s not much better than an 80 degree day in September.

*Reggie Tales shout out to Red Sox Daughter, on today, her 18th birthday!

*I find it fascinating that people are far more outraged with football officiating than gas prices.

*If the Vikings win in Detroit you can then consider me a believer.

*Can someone remind me why the Twins got rid of R.A. Dickey?

*Bonus Reggie Tales shout out to Ryan and Brittany as they enter into wedded bliss tomorrow.  I wonder why it’s called bliss?  Bliss sounds like a bad thing.

6 thoughts on “Random Thursday on a Friday

  1. When R.A. Dickey was with the Twins he walked nearly as many batters as he struck out. The Twins had signed him to be an innings eater but he couldn’t eat innings. They dumped him which was a good move that I applauded at the time.

    • I agree with your basic argument. But please tell me why the NY Mets were able to straighten him out and Rick Anderson couldn’t? They fired everyone in the entire organization yesterday but somehow Anderson still has a job.

      • Sure, Rick Anderson couldn’t fix R.A. Dickey but he did turn around Francisco Lir; ah, Jason Marq; um, Philip Hum; ah, Livan Her; ah, Sidney Pon; um, Ramon Ort.

        Never mind.

  2. *Can someone remind me why the Twins got rid of R.A. Dickey?

    Why did the Twins get rid of Kyle Lohse, Wilson Ramos, Francisco Liriano, Jason Kubel, Michael Cuddyer, Delmon Young (never mind), and JJ Hardy?

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