Random Thursday on a Friday

*There’s not much better than an 80 degree day in September.

*Reggie Tales shout out to Red Sox Daughter, on today, her 18th birthday!

*I find it fascinating that people are far more outraged with football officiating than gas prices.

*If the Vikings win in Detroit you can then consider me a believer.

*Can someone remind me why the Twins got rid of R.A. Dickey?

*Bonus Reggie Tales shout out to Ryan and Brittany as they enter into wedded bliss tomorrow.  I wonder why it’s called bliss?  Bliss sounds like a bad thing.

Random Sports Notes

*During the crazy finish of the Packers and Seahawks game last night, Jon Gruden said a couple of very funny things.  First, he said he was so upset about the officiating that he wanted to jump from the press box.  Later, he said that the Packers weren’t going to enjoy their “6,000 mile flight home.”

*In 50 years, Andy Pettitte could come off his deathbed and throw a three-hitter against the Minnesota Twins.

*The Green Bay defensive back should have knocked that pass down last night instead of trying to catch it.

*$300 million was wagered on the Packers/Seahawks game in Vegas.  68% of the people bet on Green Bay.

*Why wasn’t Adrian Peterson in at the end of the game for the Vikings on Sunday?

Random Thursday

*I probably will check out the Clint Eastwood baseball movie this weekend.

*It’s nice to see the Twins making a nice run here at the end of the season.  Lol.

*During the course of my life, I wonder how many hours I’ve wasted watching the Vikings?

*Reggie Tales shout out to Brady in Sioux Falls.

*Bonus shout out to Dave in Grand Forks.

*I wonder why the Rydell Car Wash is closed.


Bison-Sioux Documentary: Reviewed

Tonight at 7:00 on Prairie Public Television, the documentary, “When They Were Kings” will air.  The 90 minute show highlights the rivalry between the North Dakota State University Bison and the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux.

I was lucky enough to receive an advance DVD copy recently and thought I’d share a few notes on the show, which focused solely on the football and women’s basketball programs at the two schools.

Spoiler Alert:  If you watch this documentary tonight expecting to hear a lot of rhetoric about why the rivalry should resume or why it shouldn’t, you’re going to be disappointed.  In fact, of the 90 minutes, only the final two are dedicated to that specific question.

What this show really ends up being is a very well-done history of the programs from about 1980 to now.  The documentary is interview driven and the highlights are worth watching alone.  The vast majority of those coming from WDAZ and WDAY.  Prairie Public did a great job of tracking down a lot of the key characters, including, but not limited to:  Rocky Hager, Roger Thomas, Gene Roebuck, Amy Ruley, Chris Simdorn, Jeff Bentrim, Tony Satter, Kelby Klosterman, Jim Kleinsasser, Sheri Kleinsasser, Charlie Stock, Kasey Morlock, Pat Smykowski, Mike Mooney, and Durene Heisler.

I found there to be a very healthy amount of respect between coaches and players.  At one point, Roebuck says something to the effect of Coach Ruley being the best coach he ever coached against.  And Morlock is equal parts complimentary and humorous in her words towards UND.

One thing this show is certain to do is to remind people of how much passion there was in those contests.  Much of the footage shows an overflowing Memorial Stadium, or the Bison Sports Arena packed to the rafters.  There are several clips where the Hyslop Sports Center has people hanging from every conceivable nook and cranny.

Other highlights of the show for me included a highlight of NDSU defensive back Tyrone Braxton returning an interception where it looks like he was shot out of cannon, the Jim Kleinsasser catch and run, the Bentrim pitch in Vermillion and dozens more.  There is a lot of good stuff.

One final thing I took from “When They Were Kings” is the intensity still displayed by Rocky Hager.  He sounds like a man ready to line up and play this Saturday against UND.

If nothing else, the documentary is a great history lesson.  A job well done by PPTV.

Random Thursday

*Liam Neeson is doing another movie along the lines of “Taken.”  How could one guy have such bad luck?  Apparently, this time it’s his wife.

*Is it just me, or are there more wasps/bees/yellow jackets this year?

*Reggie Tales shout out to Rain Man in Grand Forks.

*I watched three seasons worth of “Eastbound and Down” in one week.

*Speaking of HBO, is there going to be an “Entourage” movie?

Random Thursday

*The NFL is an offensive, pass happy, high scoring league.  And I don’t think the Vikings have nearly enough offense to compete.  In watching the Giants and Cowboys last night it became obvious how far Minnesota has to go to catch up.

*New Guy started here last week and seems to be doing a nice job.

*Reggie Tales shout out to Kurt at Union Lake.

*I miss the Bronze Boot.

*I’ve always been of the opinion that a Zorbaz in Grand Forks would perform quite nicely.  And a Panera Bread.  And might as well add a Chipotle to that list while we’re at it.

*I wish there was a Wednesday or Thursday night game every week during the NFL season.