Penn State Hockey

One of the driving forces behind a Big 10 Hockey Conference was the attractive television contract afforded by the Big 10 Television Network.  And the final piece to that puzzle was the announcement that Penn State was adding a hockey program.

Today it was announced that Penn State is being fined $60 million among other sanctions directed squarely at the football program.  The football program at Penn State is the “cash crop.”  So, I think a legitimate question is, “What does this mean for the fledgling hockey program for the Nittany Lions?”

College hockey is a very expensive venture.  I’m not so sure that trying to get a hockey program off the ground at this point is such a good idea.

I will be interested in hearing what Minnesota and Wisconsin will say about this development.  It’s not unreasonable to think that some dominoes might start falling.

4 thoughts on “Penn State Hockey

  1. PSU has a sugar daddy alumnus who donated over $80-million to fund the construction of an on campus ice facility and to start both men’s and women’s Division I programs. I would think hockey is secure despite today’s rulings by the NCAA and Big Ten.

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