Random Thursday on Friday

*I’d like to be a roadie for the Zac Brown Band for one month.

*My summer movie hopes now rest on “Moonrise Kingdom.”  Bill Murray and a cast of thousands.

*I saw a story yesterday that mentioned that the Twins are considering trading Josh Willingham.  That sounds about right.  Minnesota hasn’t had a power hitting right handed batter since Kirby Puckett, so we’d better unload him now.

*Reggie Tales shout out to Mary Ann in New Brighton.


One thought on “Random Thursday on Friday

  1. Totally makes sense they would get rid of Willingham, I suppose Dozier will be next, considering those 2 were the only ones that seem to hit HRs. Wasn’t surprised to see that Willingham has 22 HR on the season, and wonder-boy Mauer has 5…hmmm…and WHO goes to the all-star game?! Sick.

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