Rob Lowe is Mad at Us

Rob Lowe

Apparently actor Rob Lowe is in Winnipeg filming a movie.  I know this because I got a phone call this morning from a Winnipeg newspaper reporter asking me for some comments.  “About what?” I asked.  Well, it turns out that while Lowe was watching the NBA Finals last night on WDAZ in Winnipeg, he became annoyed with our election coverage.  Apparently Mr. Lowe is an Oklahoma City Thunder fan and didn’t appreciate that we interrupted the game for two minutes.  30 seconds at the start of the third quarter and a minute and half at the start of the fourth.  Our intent was to run our results as quickly as possible and with as little game interruption as possible.  Obviously, where Mr. Lowe is concerned, it wasn’t quick enough.  He tweeted, “#TrappedInAHellHole.”  I’m not sure exactly what he was referring to, but nonetheless, he seemed upset.

Oh well.

I wonder what movie he’s filming.  And thanks for watching!

51 thoughts on “Rob Lowe is Mad at Us

  1. So: you see nothing wrong with your station cutting into event programming in an era in which we can look at your website or Twitter stream for the results?

    If you insist on interrupting programming with your local city council results, why not interrupt an ad? Oh yeah: because you don’t respect your viewers as much as your respect your ad dollars.

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  3. Interrupting programming for anything but a dire, world changing emergency is pretty pathetic in this day and age. Get a decent website, build a Twitter following, and share the news there until it’s time for the evening/late night local news.

    WDAZ is a joke.

  4. Thanks for keeping it local and putting us first. Who cares what some snotty “famous” guy thinks.

    • “Keeping it local” means updating a website, not irritating people who tuned in to watch a national show, which – supposedly – WDAZ is in the business of broadcasting.

      • WDAZ is our only local TV news station, and they have a responsibility to the local community. WDAZ’s primary business is TV, not web site maintainer. However, they do a good job with both types of media. You can keep whining and complaining on blogs about TV stations, but you’re not going to change my mind.

      • Last time I checked WDAZ is not a website station, they are a TV NEWS STATION! If you don’t like it turn the channel or go on the internet to get the basketball update. I’m pretty sure you didn’t miss anything during the two mins that were interrupted!

      • Sounds like he’s not a voting man to me…The elections take priority over a basketball game that will have no effect on people in any part of the world. WDAZ was doing what they were supposed to be doing: informing us about news that is important and that will impact our lives. People wanted to know what measures passed, who won the primaries, etc, and not all of them know how to get the info online or have access to a computer. And some people don’t have the time. I bet my parents in Grafton were busy last night with chores and my brother was hogging the computer, so they either had WDAZ on TV or KXPO on the radio.

  5. I dont care about Rob Lowe, dont care about GF city elections, and really dont care about the basketball………..I watched Storage Wars LOL

  6. The sad thing is, WDAZ doesn’t feel like they are in the wrong.

    I’ll echo what others have written already, with all the methods to disperse information these days, it makes zero sense to interrupt programming to broadcast election results.

  7. Dear Commenters who chastize the WDAZ staff for doing their jobs to keep you informed about how your tax dollars are spent, the people representing you and the immediate world around you and your children,

    You are everything that is wrong with America. Good luck in life.


  8. Not everyone sits with their eyeballs glued to a computer screen or smartphone. Wait, not everyone HAS a computer or smartphone. I have to agree with Brady. And Rob Lowe? Isn’t he the guy who was caught in an inappropriate situation? Who cares what he thinks!!!

  9. No such thing as interuption of basketball game!!!!! It is breaking NEWS when people are voting for local goverment and issues within the city! Thanks WDAZ for covering the important things!!!!!!! Next time there is a tornado in the area don;t cover it so the people watching a game can get there ass blown away!!!!!

    PS Regi ROCKS!

  10. From Winnipeg they said on the news that they would be interrupting the game hey the bar should have had it on tsn

  11. Two things:

    First of all, the election results could have easily been released on television with graphics at the bottom of the screen just like they do for weather sometimes. Programming didn’t need to be interrupted for results of a city council election.

    Second, am I the only one who finds it incredibly unprofessional for a news director to post sarcastic and snarky comments online about somebody criticizing his news department? This opinion didn’t merit a public post, it only made the station look worse.

  12. It may have been a tough decision, but I respect it, Reg. Non-North Dakotan’s may not realize how big this primary election was.

    • Agreed. We had several big state measures, and many important local races. And not everyone has a computer or smartphone, or has the time to stay glued to one. Keeping the TV or local radio on to keep up with the results is sometimes better for people as they are doing things. Bet my mom up in Grafton was cleaning the kitchen after supper or doing laundry. She doesn’t have a smartphone, so listening to TV or radio would have been best. Besides, this is hockey country, so who cares about the NBA here?

  13. While we have the news director’s ear, how about asking when WDAZ will begin broadcasting in HD? The picture quality of the local news is brutal, or maybe it’s just your transmitter. The ABC network programs, however, appear to come through clearer than local content — at least on my end (in Winnipeg).

  14. If you’re really that upset about what was being aired on a local television station, how about next month you just don’t pay your WDAZ bill? If you aren’t picking up what I’m putting down, maybe pop on to that amazing internet and check wikipedia’s entry for “sarcasm.”

  15. Who really cares what Rob Lowe or any other Hollywood type thinks? Why is he working in Canada and worrying about what is in North Dakota. He could of watched Canadian television. Heck, he could of been like me and missed out on the Stanley Cup because Dish Network and Hoack Comm couldn’t come to an agreement. Now that’s missing something really important, eh?

  16. You Winnipegers don’t understand how important this election was. It had the highest turnout in 30 years for a primary. We were voting on a measure that would greatly effect the future of athletics at our local university, an issue the entire state has been dealing with for years. You would rather watch the first game of a possible 7-game series and choose to keep your head stuck in the sand and continue to be uninformed? That’s fine. But this was not just a “city council election.”

  17. Yea, results could be found on the internet, even my 93 yr old gma knows this!!

    Ps KEEP WDAZ out of fargo on weekends, thats BUSH!!

  18. so if you didn’t like the interruption, go online yourself and find a website that is streaming the game live. oh, and quit whining.

  19. I also get aupset when programing is interupted for election results and weather warnings…….but at the end of the day the TV station is doing exactly what it was intended to do……..give us entertainment and also keep us updated.

  20. This story is the best thing to happen to WDAZ in, well, forever. Forgot you guys even existed.

  21. I don’t mind brief news interruptions when some major news is occurring (election results, severe weather, etc.) But I do wish your sister station WDAY used the as quickly as possible / as little interruption as possible standard on the two Saturday nights in the fall that there’s a NASCAR race immediately following a college football game, instead of trying to squeeze a standard-length 6 PM news show in between and preempting the beginning of the race.

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