Local Dog Loses 5 Pounds in One Hour

Before Photo: CJ (L), Danielle the Dog Groomer (R).

The reason I like to write about CJ the Dog is because it’s easy, and whenever I mention him or the word “dog” in the title the number of “clicks” on the blog goes up about 50%.  As Blonde Daughter would say, “CJ, you were on the Internet again today.

Well, yesterday was a big day at the Home Office of The Tales.  It marked the third consecutive dog grooming administered by the same person.  That is a stat that at one time would have been laughable.  Danielle the Dog Groomer is an absolute magician.  She does genius hair.  I’m not saying CJ is a genius, I’m saying the work she does is genius.

After photo: CJ. Astute readers will notice that he is wearing his Fighting Sioux collar. I've asked him not to wear it when he votes on Tuesday. Or the gangster bandanna. I don't like the message it sends.


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