Celebrities and the L.A. Kings

There was a time when the cool thing to do in Los Angels was to attend a Lakers basketball game and be spotted courtside.  That may still be the case, but don’t look now, the Kings have become the trendy team to follow in La La Land.  And judging by last night’s celebrity attendance for Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals, the list keeps getting better and better.  Among that group:

Alyssa Milano, who I'm told is a huge Kings fan. Best remembered from "Who's The Boss?"

Pat Sajak. Not to be confused with New Jersey Devil and UND great Travis Zajac.

Do you believe in miracles? Yes! Al Michaels at a Kings game.


For the sake of comparison, the photo below was taken at a Kings game late in the regular season at Staples Center.  I’m not sure if we qualified as “B” list or not, but you get the picture.

Me (L), Tom Arnold (R). Tom is best known for once being married to Roseanne Barr. I'm best known for giving out awards for the best foods at family gatherings.

8 thoughts on “Celebrities and the L.A. Kings

  1. Hey Reggie! If the Kings win the cup, do you think that former Sioux player, I think is name is Mark Green, will bring Lord Stanley’s cup to GF this summer? Just wondering…

  2. Alyssa Milano also dated at one time our own Carl Pavano.
    And Al Michaels has been a big Kings fan under the radar for a long time. Just read that he has been a Kings season ticket holder for over 20 years. Hows that for useless information REGGIE!!!!!

  3. @DD…The Kings still have one more game to win. To comment on that before they’ve secured the Cup would be inappropriate of this Blogger.

    @JFA…I’m surprised with all that useless information in your head that you’re still able to perform your job at such a high level.

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