Random Thursday

*Dickey’s BBQ opened today in Grand Forks at 11:00.  There was a line out the door by 11:10.  I might wait a day or two.

*Francisco Liriano could pitch like he did last night every time he takes the mound.  But for some reason he chooses not to.

*Rapper/Hip Hop artist Gorilla Zoe will be in Grand Forks Saturday night.  I checked out his work on You Tube.  It’s interesting.

*I think my next movie will be the one with Steve Carrell in it.  I like him.  The movie offerings this summer have been disappointing.

*Reggie Tales shout out to Chad in North Horace.

Catching Up

A lot has happened since we last talked:

*Rob Lowe’s Oklahoma City Thunder are one game away from losing the NBA Finals.

*I went to a Twins game at Target Field in Minneapolis, and, of course, they lost.  I’ve been to fifteen games at the new stadium and I think Minnesota has won four of those games.  Four.  When they played in the Metrodome, I rarely saw them lose a game.  The question remains, is this my fault?

*One positive came out of the Twins loss to Philadelphia:  I had a Murray’s Steak Sandwich.  It was incredibly good and tender.  And I was able to take the picture below.  To get the full effect, click on it.  I think I’m going to make a print of it, frame it, and hang it in my office.

Rob Lowe is Mad at Us

Rob Lowe

Apparently actor Rob Lowe is in Winnipeg filming a movie.  I know this because I got a phone call this morning from a Winnipeg newspaper reporter asking me for some comments.  “About what?” I asked.  Well, it turns out that while Lowe was watching the NBA Finals last night on WDAZ in Winnipeg, he became annoyed with our election coverage.  Apparently Mr. Lowe is an Oklahoma City Thunder fan and didn’t appreciate that we interrupted the game for two minutes.  30 seconds at the start of the third quarter and a minute and half at the start of the fourth.  Our intent was to run our results as quickly as possible and with as little game interruption as possible.  Obviously, where Mr. Lowe is concerned, it wasn’t quick enough.  He tweeted, “#TrappedInAHellHole.”  I’m not sure exactly what he was referring to, but nonetheless, he seemed upset.

Oh well.

I wonder what movie he’s filming.  And thanks for watching!

Random Thursday

*Happy 5th Anniversary to Big Al’s.

*Congratulations to Scott G. on his nuptials in Sedona, AZ.  Looks like a beautiful locale to get married.

*Will Ferrell was at Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals last night.  How much fun would that be to sit next to him at a hockey game?

*Don’t look now but the Twins are making a dash out of the basement of the American League Central.

*I’m going to miss Dark Star Fridays with the Common Man.

*Reggie Tales shout out to Donna in Warroad.


Local Dog Loses 5 Pounds in One Hour

Before Photo: CJ (L), Danielle the Dog Groomer (R).

The reason I like to write about CJ the Dog is because it’s easy, and whenever I mention him or the word “dog” in the title the number of “clicks” on the blog goes up about 50%.  As Blonde Daughter would say, “CJ, you were on the Internet again today.

Well, yesterday was a big day at the Home Office of The Tales.  It marked the third consecutive dog grooming administered by the same person.  That is a stat that at one time would have been laughable.  Danielle the Dog Groomer is an absolute magician.  She does genius hair.  I’m not saying CJ is a genius, I’m saying the work she does is genius.

After photo: CJ. Astute readers will notice that he is wearing his Fighting Sioux collar. I've asked him not to wear it when he votes on Tuesday. Or the gangster bandanna. I don't like the message it sends.


Celebrities and the L.A. Kings

There was a time when the cool thing to do in Los Angels was to attend a Lakers basketball game and be spotted courtside.  That may still be the case, but don’t look now, the Kings have become the trendy team to follow in La La Land.  And judging by last night’s celebrity attendance for Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals, the list keeps getting better and better.  Among that group:

Alyssa Milano, who I'm told is a huge Kings fan. Best remembered from "Who's The Boss?"

Pat Sajak. Not to be confused with New Jersey Devil and UND great Travis Zajac.

Do you believe in miracles? Yes! Al Michaels at a Kings game.


For the sake of comparison, the photo below was taken at a Kings game late in the regular season at Staples Center.  I’m not sure if we qualified as “B” list or not, but you get the picture.

Me (L), Tom Arnold (R). Tom is best known for once being married to Roseanne Barr. I'm best known for giving out awards for the best foods at family gatherings.