The Best New TV Shows

During my well deserved time off I discovered my two, new favorite television shows:  Flipped Off on A & E and Hotel Impossible on the Travel Channel.

Flipped Off is not your ordinary “house flipping” show.  You know the shows, where someone buys a rundown house and remodels it and then quickly sells it for a profit.  It stars two brothers, Russell and Shawn Hantz.  Apparently, Russell was a contestant on Survivor a few years ago.  That makes him the “brains” of Flipped Off.  His well meaning but easily distracted brother Shawn is the comedic relief.  Together, the two are a laugh a minute.  And the show has the feeling of being unscripted, unlike most “reality” shows.

Anthony Melchiorri is the host of Hotel Impossible.  He travels the country investigating the reasons hotels are under performing.  He is equal parts brutally honest and brutally funny.  He’s highly entertaining and has a quick wit and a great business mind.  He reminds me of a funnier version of that Tabitha woman who goes into salons and yells at people.  I must warn you that you may never stay in a hotel again after watching this show.  I’ve seen some pretty gross things on this show.

Anyway, those are my two early picks for must see TV.