Random Thursday

*This NFL Draft gem from Summer Sidekick:  Vikings will trade Adrian Peterson and draft Trent Richardson from Alabama.

*I’ve had pretty bad luck lately with movies, but I’m putting a lot of faith in “5 Year Engagement.”  I have a good feeling.

*Reggie Tales shout out to Debbie in Florida.

*A recent tragic event in Stephen and the town’s reaction to it remind me of why it was a special place to grow up.

*Last night after the latest Twins loss, Alexi Casilla said this, “We’ve got a good team.”  I wish I lived in Alexi’s world.

*The Stanley Cup Playoffs are shaping up quite nicely.  Tonight the New Jersey Devils will take down the Florida Panthers in Game 7 of their first round match-up.  I really don’t have a strong feeling about the Senators and Rangers.

*Good news from my garage:  Both my grill and my lawnmower survived the winter and are working quite nicely.

*Happy Birthday wishes to Kevin in D.C..  I hope your liver and stomach survived our recent visit.

One thought on “Random Thursday

  1. it was should trade a.p to browns for 4th pick. then get kahil then richardson. didnt happen. life goes on.

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