A Video Worth Watching

I realize that you are bombarded on a daily basis with “friends” sending you videos that have been forwarded 37 times.  I don’t think I’ve ever led you astray when it comes to introducing you to cool videos worthy of your time.  Who can forget classics such as the two year old Indonesian boy smoking cigarettes?  Or the dog playing the piano?  Or my favorite, the eyewitness to the car crash in Arizona?  I think my track record speaks for itself.

So sometime during your two hour lunch today, I ask that you set aside 10 minutes to watch this very well done video.

You’re welcome.

Special thanks to Bro#1.

7 thoughts on “A Video Worth Watching

  1. This was really special. Thanks for posting it in the Forum…..I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise. It reminded me of years ago in simpler times. The filmmakers recognized a special little guy. They took the time to hear his story. Loved this! Thanks.

  2. Reggie,

    I’m still crying and now my keyboard is ruined. I want Bro#1 to tell me who is going to pay for that????

    But Thanks for the video!!


    • I did some checking with our legal department and they have concluded that Bro#1 will replace your keyboard.

  3. Reggie, When you were in LA did you venture over to Caine’s Arcade in East LA, or was SSK afraid?


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