Random Thursday on a Monday: L.A. Edition

Manhattan Beach

*I vacation with so much intensity that when I get home I need a vacation from my vacation.  Or maybe it just feels like that when you go somewhere like Southern California where the sun is seemingly 800 feet above the earth’s surface.

Crenshaw Boulevard

*If you drive up and down the Pacific Coast Highway you can see a lot of “interesting” things.  Especially in the areas of Long Beach and Compton.  Summer Sidekick and I were on our best behavior while on our driving tour.

*If you ever get the opportunity to make the trip, visit Hermosa Beach, Long Beach, Newport Beach and of course, Manhattan Beach.  So, basically all the beaches is what I’m trying to say here.

Public Yoga in Long Beach.

One of the more interesting sights were the 200 or so people doing yoga Monday morning in Long Beach alongside the ocean.  Apparently it’s a daily activity and all you have to do is show up and be friendly.  SSK and I briefly (5 seconds) thought about joining them but we were in a hurry to beat the noon rush at the In-N-Out Burger.  Mission accomplished!

*I realize that going to an In-N-Out Burger in California is kind of a touristy thing to do, but it should be mandatory and I think we fit in quite well.  And the burgers (I had a double-double, animal style) and the fries are worth the trip alone.  I also had a chocolate shake which I found to be quite pedestrian and lackluster.

Los Angeles Kings at the Staples Center.

Dodger Stadium

*We took in some sporting events during our well-deserved time off.  The Los Angeles Kings are professional ice hockey team and we watched as they squared off against the Oilers of Edmonton.  The Kings won and I met Tom Arnold.  In the business we call that a win-win.

*Dodger Stadium turns 50 years old this season.  It doesn’t look a day over 40.  If you go I suggest you leave early.  Traffic is nuts.  Six lanes of bumper to bumper insanity.  At7:00 at night.  Where are these people going?  I also suggest you sit in the second row of Dodger Stadium with a box full of meat like we did.

*Special Reggie Tales shout out to Hawke and Alyssa.  Hospitality and laughs at its finest.

4 thoughts on “Random Thursday on a Monday: L.A. Edition

  1. The traffic by dodger stadium could be people taking the 110 to Pasadena or people looking take the 5. That area is just bad news in the afternoon. Glad you had/ are having fun.

  2. Been to many baseball stadiums….Dodger Stadium would rank pretty close to the bottom….what a dump.

    In-N-Out Burger on the other hand…….tough to beat that burger.

    • Good point Johnny. I think Dodger Stadium is a bucket list kind of deal for a baseball fan like me…but if you had to be honest about it, it’s a pretty worn out stadium.

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