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The Minnesota Wild and the Washington Capitals.

We took in a nice NHL game on Sunday afternoon.  We had some pretty good seats to see the Minnesota Wild tangle with the Washington Capitals.  The Capitals have a talented team.  The Wild do not.  I was very surprised by the fan support shown to the Capitals.  Almost every single person in attendance wore a red Caps jersey and of those 75% were of the Alex Ovechkin #8 variety.  The Capitals home is the Verizon Center, which is also home to the NBA’s Washington Bullets Wizzards and the Georgetown Hoyas basketball team.  If you’re into people watching, stand outside the Verizon Center for fifteen minutes.  I think I can safely say that “I’ve seen it all” now.


Hill Country BBQ Market

Full disclosure:  I do not have the vocabulary to do the Hill Country BBQ Market justice.  Suffice it to say that it was the best smoked meats I’ve ever eaten.  Ever.  Anywhere.  We stumbled upon this place while searching for a place to watch the UND and Western Michigan hockey game on Saturday afternoon.  Turns out that the game was blocked out across the country except for Minnesota and North Dakota.  Anyway, our discovery of this Meat Mecca made up for it.  As I write this, I have tears in my eyes thinking about the moistest brisket in the world.  And beef ribs that were every bit as good.  Five grown men ate without saying a word…unless you count grunting and moaning as talking.  Hill Country BBQ is located in the heart of D.C. about three blocks from the hockey arena.  I will never make another trip to Washington without going there.



Elevation Burger, left; Dogma Dog Bakery, right.

It took us 24 hours to eat again, and when we did we went to a place called “Elevation Burger” in Arlington, Virginia.  Even though the place was plastered with signs saying “Organic This” and “Organic That,” it ended up being awesome.  It was located next door to “Dogma Dog Bakery.”  And no, I didn’t get anything for CJ.  I only brought a carry on, and I already had it stuffed full of brisket and ribs.


Jefferson Memorial

After the amount of food we ate, it was a good thing we walked 37 miles.  I include this photo of the Jefferson Memorial because it’s my personal favorite.

I took a bunch of other photos but I’m unable to post them due to the meat coma I’m slipping into.

If you do go to Washington D.C., it’s best if you have a really good friend that you went to high school with and has lived out there for 20 years.  It also helps if he has the patience of Job.  And a nice place to stay in Arlington with good coffee.  If you have all that, then I suggest you go.  And do it with friends.

Thanks, Kevin.

2 thoughts on “More DC Stuff

  1. Thanks for mentioning our store! I’ll let our friends at Elevation Burger know about your kind words for their food – we agree and eat there often!

    Since your bag was already full, we’re happy to send CJ some treats on us!

    Just email or call the store at 703-237-5070, and give us your address.

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