Trace Adkins

I saw and heard something on Saturday night that I don’t think I’ve ever been witness to before:  a concert that actually started at the time printed on the ticket.  Thank you, Trace Adkins, for doing the unthinkable.  The country star performed at the always acoustically awesome Chester Fritz at 8:00. 

I realize that country music is an acquired taste.  But I won’t apologize, and Adkins is one of my favorites.  And, shoot, I reckon that it didn’t much matter to me that I was missing the Fighting Sioux hockey game.  I was getting text updates from Jimmy From Accounting and several other friends.  And I mean “real” friends.  Not the kind from Facebook that you don’t know very well and post pictures of animals and positive slogans.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that. 

3 thoughts on “Trace Adkins

  1. JFA’s sis and brother-in-law also attended the Trace Adkins concert and both agreed that it was awesome, and as you said, the acoustics were spot on. He put on a superb live concert that night.

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