Random Thursday

*I want to say hi to Jeff J. and all the good people down in Louisville, Kentucky getting ready to watch the Colorado State Rams take on Murray State.

*I’ve never been to the Final Five in St. Paul.  I have to do that some year.  Everyone that goes says it’s a great time.  And I love me some St. Paul.

*You heard it here first:  Phil Jackson will be the coach of the New York Knicks next year.

*Is there a reason why the Vikings are not attempting to sign any real free agents this year?  Is it possible they feel good about the team they have?

*I also find it strange that Tubby Smith has not produced at Minnesota yet no one really seems to care.

*Reggie Tales shout out to Chay in Houston.

6 thoughts on “Random Thursday

  1. St. Paul for the Final Five + St. Patty’s Day=Amazing! You should go. Just sayin’. Plus then you could also indulge in a Juicy Lucy or Leeann Chin that you love so much.

  2. Ummm………I actually heard Stephen A. Smith on ESPN say Phil Jackson will be the next coach of the Knicks before you did……………….just sayin’.

  3. Why are KFAN and 1500 ESPN bashing Tubby Smith all the time yet no one really seems to care?

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