Random Thursday

*If Peyton Manning can still throw the ball, the Minnesota Vikings should offer him whatever it takes to be their next quarterback.  Let’s face it, Christian Ponder is not ready to lead this team…yet.  Manning could mentor him for two years and then let him take over.  It would also be a great PR move in their hopes of getting a new stadium.

*I think it’s time to retire the phrase “throw him/her under the bus.”  Or at least let’s come up with something new so that we have some other options.  How about:  “I don’t want to throw anyone into the wood chipper, but…”

*Reggie Tales shout out to Curt in Pelican Rapids.

*I recently watched “Hangover 2.”  Jimmy From Accounting had been begging and pleading and whining for me to watch it.  I had refused on the grounds that everyone said it was awful.  I would now place it firmly in the “pleasantly surprised” category.

*Congrats to a great baseball coach and all around good guy Jeff Dodson on a very nice win for his UND club over Kansas yesterday.

3 thoughts on “Random Thursday

  1. I told you Hangover 2 wasn’t horrible. I think the majority of the critics went into it hating the movie and didn’t give it a chance.

    • Reggie, Do you think the Vikings could try get Joey Browner back?



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