Local Dog Gets on Big Screen

One of life’s great mysteries is the joy/fear people feel when they see themselves on the big screen scoreboard at a sporting event.  For the purpose of this blog, I will write specifically about my experiences at Ralph Engelstad Arena.  As a camera operator at The Ralph, a fair amount of my time is spent getting shots of people for the purpose of putting them on the big screen.  And it’s my experience that there are two kinds of people in the world:  those who enjoy being on the big screen and those who don’t.

The Ralph also has a popular promotion where you can text pictures of yourself with the hope that it will appear on the big screen between the second and third periods.  And this is exactly what I did.

Well, not exactly what I did.  I didn’t send a photo of myself, but rather, I texted a picture of CJ the Dog.  I figured the odds to be better of him making the final cut versus me.  Long time readers of The Tales will recall that CJ sports a rather nice Fighting Sioux Fighting Sioux Fighting Sioux collar.  So early during the Friday night game against Mankato State, I sent the picture to the powers that be and waited anxiously.

Sure enough, as the pictures began to play during the second intermission, a very large close-up of a dog appeared high above the ice.  And I was ready with my texting machine that is also a camera and a phone.  So amongst photos of boyfriends and girlfriends and college girls and small children was a dog.  I thought the crowd went “ahhhhhhh,” but it might have been a murmur and a gasp.  Hard to say.  Congrats CJ!  Below is the original photo:

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  1. Chris: FYI……..Samantha DeSautel on the Grafton Spoilers bb team has Stephen grandparents, Ray and Linda (Kroulik) Rud ( SHS classes of 1964 and ’65) Linda is my sister and you may have met Sam’s mom Denise (Lisa’s cousin) at sometime during your high school years.

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