Grooming Day = Success

CJ, left; Danielle the Dog Groomer, right. And no, that's not a noose around CJ's neck.

An historic event took place yesterday:  CJ successfully underwent a haircut and pedicure (or is it peticure?).  What made it historic is that it was the first time in four years that CJ has been to the same dog groomer on consecutive visits.  Actually, we didn’t make the visit because Danielle the Dog Groomer makes house calls.  So we both paced the floor waiting to see if she would actually show up.  And when she did, we both raced to the door.  Me to greet her, and CJ to bite her.

But a funny thing happened when he saw her and she greeted him with her English accent:  he somehow recalled her from four months ago and gave her a free pass.  To her credit, Danielle laughed heartily as she recalled her previous appointment with CJ.  Within minutes she had him up on the table and I was out the door.  Keep in mind that in the past I’ve been called repeatedly by dog groomers to return to the scene of the crime.

But not yesterday.  In fact, when my work day was over, I returned home to find a very happy and well-groomed shih tzu.  And as I looked around the counter for a note that surely would read, “Please don’t call me again,” I instead found Danielle the Dog Groomer’s business card.

See you in four months!

The "After" photo. A thoughtful CJ ponders the day's events. He also ponders the pizza box on the counter.

3 thoughts on “Grooming Day = Success

  1. hi, danielle has done my dog sassy 2-3 times and has done a great job every time. she comes right to my house and done in about a hour, all i have to say is danielle is here and sassy dose the happy dance, what i like its done right here at home the pet dosent think she is going to the vet, im verry happy and will call her again, thank you greg and happy dog sassy

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