Super Bowl Leftovers

*It’s become obvious to me that advertisers are so afraid of offending anyone that the commercials are no longer funny.  The nearest I came to laughing out loud was the dog that bribed his owner with a bag of Doritos over the disappearance of the cat.  I remember when the game itself was boring and the commercials were the best part.  That changed a few years ago.

*The last time singer M.I.A. was relevant she was performing while nine months pregnant at the Grammys about five years ago.  So in an attempt to remind people that she’s still alive, she displayed her middle finger during Madonna’s halftime show.  Yawn.  I’m not sure if M.I.A. stands for Missing In Action, but it fits.

*Speaking of Madonna, I actually enjoyed the show.  And I’m not a Madonna fan.  I thought it was wise of her to have an overly-choreographed production so as trick people into not noticing that it was lip-synched.  I also like the curly haired guy bouncing on the wire.  His hair was fierce, and he had mad bouncing skills.

*The NFL used to be about running the ball and playing defense.  Used to be.  It is no longer that.  It is now about having a star quarterback, and passing, and athletic receivers.  See where I’m going with this, Vikings fans?  We’re not even close.

*Dan Patrick is the best in the business of live television.  Equal parts wit, comedy, and sports knowledge.