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If you live in the Midwest and have every traveled to either of the coasts or to the South you’ve most likely run into a situation where your attempt to order “pop” is met with a blank stare.  Well, I think we have some answers for why that happens.  Here at the main office of The Tales in the 701 we’ve been busy putting together a map detailing Pop vs. Soda vs. Coke.  Well, actually my friend whose job it is to read every square inch of the Internet sent this to me.  All I really did was copy and paste the website address and add a few humorous observations.   Anyway, I will be visiting both the East coast and left coast in the next two months and I will most definitely inquire about “pop” just for the sheer joy of it.  My favorite carbonated water moment was when I was at Squealer’s BBQ in Indiana and a waitress asked me what kind of Coke I wanted.  I was a younger man and less worldly so I thought for a moment and then responded weakly with, “New Coke?”  Since that day I knew something was afoot in the pop world.  This confirms it.  Click the link to take a detailed look.


4 thoughts on “Pop Map

  1. In reference to the “what kind of Coke do you want”: I lived in Georgia two different times when I was growing up due to my dad working on his doctorate in mathematics at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA. I had grown up using the word pop, and that is what I still use today. But definitely down south, it was, and I presume still is, “what kind of Coke (not pop, not soda) do you want?” I’ve always just presumed it was because the company Coca Cola is located in Atlanta!

  2. Bro#5,

    Two things: I’m in Jacksonville, Florida for today’s Primary. I’ll order a “Coke”. Also, it looks like one of the “other” counties is Minnesota’s own – Lake of the Woods. I’d suggest you send a reporter and camera crew up to Baudette ASAP to find out what the heck they are calling these beverages.


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