More Hawaii Photos

I promise this will be the end of the Hawaii talk.  I’m starting to feel like Cliff Clavine from “Cheers” talking about Florida everyday.

This was the view each morning from our lanai.  Lanai is a fancy name for a deck.  This view never got old.

This was the infinity pool at our resort.  The idea being that as you sit in the pool you get the feeling that the ocean and the pool become one.  I also met a guy who grew up in Minot while hanging out here.  He now lives in Seattle.

The Road to Hana is an interesting tour around the island of Maui.  I should say “interesting.”  It’s really long and winding.  It’s a constant zig-zagging of roads.  I have high praise for our driver on this seven hour tour.  But the trip offers breathless views of the ocean and countryside.  It really was quite remarkable.  Having said that, it’s not for everyone.  I will file that away under “been there, done that.”  Let us never speak of the Road to Hana again.  Keen observers will notice that there is a Zorbaz bumper sticker on the sign.  Zorbaz is the well-known pizza and Mexican joint which has numerous locations in the Detroit Lakes region.  I thought that was pretty cool.

The coolest stop along the Road to Hana is the Black Sand Beach.  The sand is black.  The rocks are black.  Everything is black.  I didn’t pay attention but I think it had something to do with a volcano or something.  It was really a sight to see.

Hawaii’s big secret:  They love Spam.  Every store has multiple display cases like this.  That’s a lot of Spam.  I told one Hawaiian I met that Spam comes from Minnesota.  He just looked at me kind of funny.

A Maui sunset from our location.  That never got old either.

In summary:  everyone should go to Maui.  And go with friends.  Also, bring money.  Aloha.

3 thoughts on “More Hawaii Photos

  1. Loved your photos from Hawaii. I have been over there twice…first time to the big island of Hawaii, the second time to Oahu. Both times went to the US Arizona Memorial…indeed a very somber place to visit. Did you see a lot of those ABC stores? There’s one like every 25 feet! Enjoyed swimming off Waikiki; hiked to the top of Diamond Head. But the BEST part was having my picture taken in front of the office of Dog the Bounty Hunter!!! They weren’t in that day, though.

  2. I agree that the road to Hana is a been there, done that……….even the toughest stomach gets sick on that road…..

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