Hawaii Travel Notes

*I will commence with some travel notes from my Maui vacation.  Bits and pieces of things I encountered while traveling to and fro.

*On the flight from Fargo to Denver I sat by North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple.  I introduced myself and he pretended to know who I was so it was all good.  We talked mostly about Sioux North Dakota hockey.  He had been at the Friday Minnesota game and was heading to Denver on Saturday to see his daughter.

*The Denver airport is an odd mix of old and new.  The newer part is very nice.  The older part is really…old.

*While in the Denver airport you’re going to want to check out a place called Steak Escape.  Philly Cheese Steaks.  Exactly what you need before a seven hour flight.

*United Airlines from Fargo to Denver to Maui.  “Moneyball” was the best movie on the flight.

*Denver to Maui:  Seven hours.  Maui to Denver:  Five and half hours.  I wish someone could explain that to me.

*The four hour time change between Grand Forks and Hawaii is a tricky coconut to solve.

*Probably a heavy dose of Maui related stories for the rest of the week.  You’ve been warned.  Mahalo.

6 thoughts on “Hawaii Travel Notes

  1. You flew back with the wind. The reason the flight out there was longer was that you were fighting the wind the entire time.

  2. Funny, the Denver Airport is all the same age…opened in 1995. The old airport, Stapleton, is now a newer urbanized residential/retail area. You can still see the old control tower if you drive in that neighborhood.

  3. Interesting…It definitely has distinct newer and bigger feel in some areas than others.

  4. Did you see the really creepy blue horse statue out front of the Denver airport? It has red eyes and sometimes haunts my dreams.

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