Maui and Me

Under the category of “well deserved time off,” I will be spending the next week in Maui.  Apparently Maui is one of the islands that comprise the Hawaiian Islands.   And I’m pretty excited.  It’s been a very long six months since the trip was planned.  So I won’t bore you with the details of the vacation, but suffice it to say that The Tales will be closed all next week.  But if everyone behaves while I’m gone, I might post some pictures the following week and even tell a story or two.

P.S….When you tell people that you are going to Hawaii for a week they usually fall into one of two groups:  the people who are genuinely happy for you and the people who genuinely want to slash your tires.  I love both groups!


7 thoughts on “Maui and Me

  1. Hey Reggie!! Do think you will meet someone like that guy from Vancouver that gave you all that food???? What was his name again??????

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