CJ and the Fighting Sioux


I own far too many pieces of Fighting Sioux apparel to just simply throw them out.  So until they eventually wear out or I spill motor oil on them while I’m wrenching on my vehicle, I will continue to wear my stuff.  But with the nickname going by the wayside on January 1st, I decided that it would be appropriate if CJ the dog shed (pun intended) his Fighting Sioux collar.  It was also timely because Bro#3, a staunch NDSU Bison fan, fresh off a trip to Frisco, TX, continually harasses CJ and his collar.

So I tried to take the collar off and CJ tried to bite me declined.  I tried to explain the NCAA and Big Sky Conference ramifications to him, and he just stared at me and then went and stood by his food dish.  I guess we’re at a real standoff.

10 thoughts on “CJ and the Fighting Sioux

  1. When the dog is ready, he will let you know, and then you can take the collar.

    It is wayyyy to early to think about not wearing SIOUX gear. This isn’t Grand Forks Central, where the Redskin name was promised to be remembered “forever”, and in reality, it was gone basically right away. That was a local high school, and very few people owned redskin attire. Also, the name “redskin” is offensive to most people. Think of the hundreds of thousands of UND SIOUX gear that exist in the world today. Stock up now folks, keep wearing it, keep cheering SIOUX. We use the name properly. Don’t let the PC crowd make you feel bad.

  2. It is too early to ask the dog to accept another collar. Allow a five year “cooling off” period.

  3. CJ,

    I’ll trade you a bowl of Alpo and a Juicy Lucy for the Sioux collar. Ruff, Ruff, RUFF!!!

    Your Friend Bogey

  4. Let him wear it proudly like the rest of the Proud Fighting Sioux,
    Go UNIVERSITY OF NORTH DAKOTA!!! forever Fighting Sioux

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