Jim Kleinsasser

With Jim Kleinsasser’s 13 year NFL career coming to a close on Sunday, a lot of nice things have been written and said about him in the last couple of weeks.

With the average NFL career lasting less than three years, this is a remarkable feat for the Carrington, ND farm kid.  And he’s walking away from the game a healthy man and a wealthy man.

So here’s my wish for Kleinsasser:  Should the Vikings somehow manage to get the ball down to the one or two yard line, fake a hand off to Adrian Peterson Toby Gerhardt and then have #40 slip out the back door for the wide open touchdown pass.  Like the one he caught in the movie “50 First Dates.”  I think that would be a fitting end for a guy who received very little of the spotlight and I’m sure his teammates would appreciate it.

2 thoughts on “Jim Kleinsasser

  1. Reggie,

    Once a year, usually in the spring, I drive to Cando and Carrington to honor Dave Osborn and Jimmy Kleinsasser. Both good North Dakota kids!


  2. Everyone kept asking Kleinsasser the same questions during the last two weeks. I wanted to know, while growing up in Carrington, did he ever imagine that his name would be in a line in an Adam Sandler movie (50 First Dates)?

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