Spicy Pie

Spicy Pie, downtown Fargo on Broadway. Notice the "Fargo" sign in the background. As a former photographer I'm witty that way.

Since it seems as though Grand Forks and East Grand Forks are getting two new restaurants a day, I decided that I better get my vote in for the next big thing.  And the winner is:  Spicy Pie.  What follows is a private letter to the good people of Spicy Pie in Fargo.  If you’re not a member of the Spicy Pie hierarchy, then please skip ahead to where I stop using italics.  Thanks.

Dear Spicy Pie People,

Please find it within your infinite wisdom during this joyous Christmas season to open a Spicy Pie in Grand Forks.  Or East Grand Forks.  Whichever works better for you.  You see, we need your awesome pizza and grinder offerings here in the Grand Cities.  And good news:  I’ve already taken the liberty to scope out a couple of locations.  Actually, I think that makes me a legitimate candidate for part owner.  And let’s try get this wrapped up by March 1st.  Thanks!

Spicy Pie of Fargo found its way onto my radar a couple months ago.  Since that day I’ve been inventing reasons to go to Fargo for the sole purpose of eating there.  They have two locations there and one in Minot.  I’ve been frequenting the downtown Broadway location.  Three separate visits.  Once with Red Sox Daughter, once with my boss, and the last time with TV’s David Schwab.  All three agreed that it was simply delightful.  Even Schwab, who normally doesn’t eat and when he does it’s usually something weird.

The genius of Spicy Pie is the simplicity of its menu and the quality of the food.  They basically do pizza and grinders.  And you can order specially made pizza by the slice.  You don’t see a lot of that in these parts.  Keep in mind that this isn’t a slice of pizza that has been sitting under glass and a strong lamp for an hour.  This is the freshest tasting pizza this side of West 97th in New York City.  All this and cheap prices.  If you’re into that kind of thing.

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