Random Thursday

*I recently saw a Star Tribune article that said Vikings Coach Leslie Frazier’s job was safe for next year.  Why?  Stop the insanity.  Minnesota will go 6-10 next year with him at the helm.  Then they will fire him, which means that they will have wasted two more years of Adrian Peterson’s and Jared Allen’s careers.

*If you missed the Minnesota Wild and the Chicago Blackhawks in St. Paul last night you missed a good one.  It had playoff intensity.

*I joined the world of satellite radio on Tuesday.  My vehicle was equipped for it so all I had to do was give the nice people at XM some of my money, and now I can listen to 80s music on Channel 8 whenever I want.  And for a brief moment during my morning commute today, I flipped over to the 90s channel and heard Vanilla Ice with “Ice Ice Baby.”  Try and top that.

*Reggie Tales shout out to Chay in Houston.

*”They” say we didn’t have snow on Christmas in 2006 but I don’t remember that.

*I endorse the signing of Josh Willingham by the Minnesota Twins.  I hate to see Michael Cuddyer leave, but Willingham provides a little more pop than Cuddy, and if the Twins had waited for him to make up his mind they might have lost out on both.


6 thoughts on “Random Thursday

  1. I am a HUGE fan of 80’s on 8! Hair Nation ain’t bad either……or Classic Rewind……Rock on Reggie!

    • What channels are Hair Nation and Classic Rewind? I also think there should be a PRINCE channel.

      • Driving between Drayton and Grand Forks, I favor the Perry Como channel.

        Merry Christmas Reggie!


      • Hair Nation is 39, Classic Rewind is 25 and Classic Vinyl is 26 (a little more 70’s than 80’s). Enjoy!

  2. Ditch, you shouldn’t be reading internet on your phone while driving at high speeds on I-29. Very unsafe of you.

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