Reunion Story

I got a phone call from a Grand Forks woman last week and she told me that there seemed to be a lot of bad news in the world, to which I agreed.  She then proceeded to offer me some “good news.”

I accepted.  And I’m glad I did.

It turns out that twenty years ago, the caller had given her two year old son up for adoption.  She felt that he needed a better chance at life with another family, and made what has to be one of the more painful decisions a person would ever have to make.

As time went by, she longed to reconnect with her son.  It took years for her to gather the courage to try and reach out to him, afraid of possible rejection.  So very recently she took to Facebook to connect with him.  She sent a friend request.  And just minutes later, he accepted.

Fast forward a few weeks to yesterday at the Fargo airport.  With a television crew at her side, the mother waited for her son that she hadn’t seen for twenty years to step off his United Airlines flight.  You can imagine the moment.

I’m happy to say that I was part of that television crew, and that I dusted off my photography skills, if only for just a day.

I can’t speak for the mother, but I could barely breathe as I waited for her son to finish the last twenty feet of their twenty year journey.  The moment was so overwhelming that I’m sure no one noticed the tough guy camera man with the tear in his eye.

Good news, indeed.

2 thoughts on “Reunion Story

  1. Thanks for airing this via internet it aloud me and my family to watch my boyfriend mett his mom and in away be there with him thanks so much for filming such a beautifull moment :)

  2. Can’t imagine there were many dry eyes watching this either – heartwarming story – thanks for sharing!

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