Leslie and the Vikings

While it’s probably in the best interest of the Minnesota Vikings and their fans to continue their losing ways, one has to wonder if the coach is in over his head.  Almost every game this season Leslie Frazier has made at least one questionable coaching decision.  And yesterday he made several.  His failure to challenge whether Percy Harvin scored a touchdown late in the game was his biggest blunder.  He didn’t wait long to make his next big mistake by deciding to go for it on fourth and goal from the two.  Apparently Frazier didn’t realize that Vikings didn’t need a touchdown in that situation.  A field goal at that point keeps the game alive, which is really all you can hope for at that point.  But no, Frazier decided to go for the touchdown and the Vikings draft pick for next year got a little bit better.  I just wonder if Frazier will be around to enjoy the #2 overall pick.

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