This is Kind of Interesting

From "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." Mac (L), Dennis (R)

Since I gave up on the Vikings a month ago I’ve been able to devote a whole bunch of my time to carpentry and to watching “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” reruns.  On a recent night I came upon an episode titled “The Gang Buys a Boat.”  The episode begins with Mac, Dennis, and Charlie in an office negotiating the purchase price on a house boat, so that they are able to throw parties like “P-Diddy.”

So it was with amazement when I did my double-take and noticed what Mac was wearing during the scene:  A Red River Roughriders T-shirt (with the sleeves ripped off, which is how Mac wears most of his shirts.)  I can only assume that the shirt is representing the high school by the same name in Grand Forks.  In fact, I’m fairly certain that Red River has used that logo.  What I’d really like to know is the back story to how this came to be.  I’m hoping that among the millions thousands (wink) of Tales fans someone has the answer.  Irregardless (as my dad would say), it’s pretty cool.  Maybe Red Sox Daughter and Grand Forks Central student could send some apparel to Dee?  Just a thought.

L to R: Mac, Dennis and Charlie.

8 thoughts on “This is Kind of Interesting

  1. At some point in the series, Mac also wears a Baudette, MN t-shirt (with the sleeves ripped off). Please have your research team look into this.

  2. I’ve heard he will wear shirts that you send in if he likes them and I’m certain this one is in fact from Red River High School in Grand Forks!
    He wears the Baudette t shirt sometime in Season 1! We love It’s Always Sunny at my house!

  3. 私は、以前キャディーバッグの貧弱なカバーが気に入らず、オーダーメイドで造ってもらったのを契機に、ショルダーベルトまで追加で頼んだことがあります。

  4. ママさんバッグとして購入☆収納力があります!トータリーとどちらにするかで悩みましたがファスナーがない分かたちが崩れないのでこちらにしました。

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