Billy Smith

The Minnesota Twins did something very un-Twins like yesterday.  They fired General Manager Billy Smith.  And the Minnesota Twins never fire anyone.  And while I never like to see anyone lose their job, this was the right move.  The list of Smith’s mistakes had grown quite long and embarrassing.  Off the top of my head:  Trading JJ Hardy, trading Wilson Ramos for Matt Capps, trading Delmon Young for two people I’ve never even heard of before.  They might not even play baseball.  Back to the list:  Letting Matt Gueirrer and Jesse Crain leave via free agency.  I think I can stop there because it makes my blood boil.

But now to the good news.  Terry Ryan is back in the picture and you can ignore the “interim” tag that they gave him for the GM job.  You can bet your bottom dollar that he will have the job for as long as he wants.  And I think he’s going to stay and be successful for the next 5 to 10 years.  I also fully expect the no nonsense Ryan to remind the Manager that the players are paid to play.  Apparently that was forgotten in Minneapolis.

3 thoughts on “Billy Smith

  1. Hopefully this signals a new way of holding people accountable.

    Up next….it is time for Gardy to produce. I’ll give him a pass this season with all the injuries, but this team’s payroll isn’t any where near the bottom of the league anymore. Competing for the playoffs doesn’t cut it anymore, these team needs to win playoff games and advance deeper.

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