Unique Tailgating Grill

I came across this interesting Fighting Sioux tailgating rig following the UND football game on Saturday.  I wish I had come across it before the game…you know, when it had meat on it.  Because just above the grill is a…grill.  This Chevy cab has a grill under the hood and has a hitch so that it can be pulled behind another vehicle.

The sad part of this story is that I would understand the working components under this hood better than I would if there were an actual engine under there.  If this vehicle sat in my driveway the hood would be open on it all the time and my neighbors would think I was a real “gear head.”  All the while they would assume I was changing the plugs and looking at the tranny, but I’d really be grilling meat and giggling.

5 thoughts on “Unique Tailgating Grill

  1. I had wings off this grill in April. They were delicious and I suggest you head to Oslo whenever they pull this baby out.

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