Lynx Parade

I’m not going to the WNBA Minnesota Lynx parade today in Minneapolis, but if I was, I think I’d bring a nice lawn chair and set up shop
somewhere near the Foshay Tower.  I’m not sure what street it’s on but I know that it’s downtown and that there is Key’s Cafe nearby that has pretty much the best breakfast foods in the world.  So I’d set my chair up first on the sidewalk to save my spot.  And hope that it would be there when I came back out after breakfast.  I don’t think the good people of Minnesota would steal my $10 lawn chair.

During the parade I would wave at the players.  I don’t really know any of them but Lindsey Whalen is the point guard and she has relatives that live in Grand Forks.  I guess you could call me a casual fan.  Last year three friends and I attended a Lynx game that had serious playoff implications.  We were given free tickets in row nine at center court.  Unfortunately we were unable to stay for the entire tilt because we had to be somewhere else.

So on this day, I salute the Lynx.