Donovan McNabb

Of the options the Vikings were presented with during the off-season, signing Donovan McNabb to a one year deal and naming him the starting quarterback was the best.  I fully endorsed the move because it was the lesser of all evils.

But after wasting yet another beautiful Sunday afternoon watching a slightly above average football team being “led” by a far below average quarterback, I’ve had enough.

McNabb is not the answer.  There is a reason why Washington was more than happy to get rid of him after one year.  I’m actually surprised at how bad he is.  Even his completed passes are off target.  He is incapable of making a throw where the receiver can catch it AND continue running.  Not to mention the countless tipped balls at the line of scrimmage and his unwillingness to run for easy first downs.

At the same time, I’m not saying that Christian Ponder is ready to lead this team to the playoffs. But why would Minnesota invest any more valuable playing time in a washed up quarterback?  So for that reason alone, the Vikings need to waive McNabb immediately and look to the future with Ponder.  He surely isn’t learning anything from McNabb.  With a year of on the job training, it’s possible that Ponder would be comfortable next season.

If Leslie Frazier decides to stick with McNabb, you can chalk up another year wasted in the career of Adrian Peterson as well.  I’m not sure a player with his talent has ever been so underutilized.  If Frazier doesn’t want to be a one and done coach he will jettison McNabb ASAP.

Until then, I vow not to let another Sunday afternoon slip through my fingers.

4 thoughts on “Donovan McNabb

  1. I’m with you Reggie. I told 13-0 yesterday the same thing. If McNabb is under center next week, I will not be watching. Thank God for the NFL Ticket.

  2. When the Redskins decided their team would be better with Rex Grossman under center, I think that should have pretty much told a lot about McNabb’s ability at this point in his career.

    That being said, it isn’t like this Defense is as great as people think it is. The offense needs to keep some drives going to keep their D off the field, but they haven’t exactly stopped the Chargers, Bucs, Lions, or Chiefs.

    With so much focus on McNabb, Frazier has not gotten as much heat as he deserves. The 2nd half collapses in the first 3 games were as much a failure in the coaching department as anything. If he doesn’t make any kind of real changes to game plans and take a seriously look at switching QB’s this week, I don’t know how a fan can have any confidence in Frazier going forward.

  3. I agree with y0u that McNabb has to go but throwing Ponder into this mess will do him no good. The offensive line is offensive and the playmakers don’t make plays downfield. The move that must be made right now is to bring in Brett Favre to finish out the season. We didn’t know how good we had it last season when we had the grey one under center.

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