Random Thursday

*Is it a sad year on the Minnesota sports scene when the Lynx are the only real hope for a championship?

*Both my daughters have friends with dogs named “Mauer.”  Insert your own Joe Mauer punchline here.

*I’m starting to think that Trevor Plouffe might not be the answer the Twins are looking for.  At least Nick Punto could field and throw the ball to first.

*As I was attempting to sell my 2002 Mountaineer the other day to a nice couple from Minot, I let CJ the dog out of the house and he promptly jumped in and joined them in the front seat.  They bought the vehicle and I kept CJ.  Win-win?

*Reggie Tales shout out to Doug in Brainerd.

*I was a repeat offender at JL Beers last week.  It’s still good.

One thought on “Random Thursday

  1. You know Reggie, I sell used pickups on the side. The “cute” dog jumping the vehicle is the oldest trick the book.

    Thanks for the story. You made my day!!

    The ditch

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