Random Thursday

*Nick Punto will be in the Major League Playoffs this year.

*Carlos Gomez will be in the Major League Playoffs this year.

*JJ Hardy won’t be in the playoffs this year with Baltimore but he did hit 30 home runs.  And the Twins traded him because he was injured too often.  Because he was injured too often.  That, my friends, you can’t make up.  A guy that the Twins deemed injury prone had more home runs than Justin Morneau, Joe Mauer and Michael Cuddyer combined.

*Touch ’em all, John Gordon!

*Sioux Men’s Hockey gets started this Saturday!

*Reggie Tales shout out to Dan in Stephen.

*Next up on my movie docket:  50/50.  Seth Rogen and that other guy that looks like a kid.

*Bonus shout out to Ashley M. who’s leaving us and heading back to capital city.  She will be missed.

*Finally…to Red Sox Daughter…sorry about the Red Sox, but Happy Birthday!!

Super Nanny: Dog Groomer Style

As promised, the story of the dog groomer who makes house calls.

When she pulled into the driveway on Saturday morning in a little yellow car with the British flag as a license plate, I knew we were in for an interesting morning.  I immediately thought about the television show, “Super Nanny,” where a nice but stern British lady drives a small car and tries to help American parents do a better job of raising their kids.

CJ’s latest dog groomer grew up just outside London and she has the cool British accent to prove it.  When I told her my dog hadn’t been properly “groomed” in about 12 months she gently scolded me with her accent.  All the while I smiled because I thought it sounded so pleasant.

Remember that this is an unpaid testimonial.  The dog groomer was awesome.  She finished the job in less time and with less bloodshed then all five of the other groomers combined.  Upon completion she said to me, “I don’t think CJ and I are ever going to be best friends.”  She also added, “Given the opportunity, I think he would have bitten me several times.”

CJ was less enthralled with her accent than I was and he proved it by not accepting any treats from her.  Keep in mind that this is a dog that starts begging for a treat when he wakes up and doesn’t stop until he goes to sleep.  He somehow figured out that if he accepted anything from her he was going to have to behave.  I like a dog with principles.

And with a final parting shot, “He really should have his nails cut once a month” she was gone.  I will definitely give her a call again in four or five months.  I just hope she doesn’t suddenly go “out of business” like some of the other groomers we’ve had.

Before: CJ, Shaggy Dog.

After: CJ With Short Hair and Very Fashionable Scarf. Scarf lasted 30 seconds until he tore it off.

Moneyball: Reviewed

For a very long time, “Bull Durham” and “Field of Dreams” were the two best sports movies ever made.  Well, move over Kevin Costner, Brad Pitt and “Moneyball” are now part of the conversation.

“Moneyball” is based on the true story of Billy Beane, the Oakland A’s brash young General Manager who changed the way some baseball teams evaluate and value players within Major League Baseball.  Pitt plays the part of the GM, and he does it so well that you forget you’re watching Brad Pitt.

“Moneyball” isn’t just for baseball fans either.  Not even close, although it helps.  This movie takes a real look at thinking outside the box and not always going with the “conventional” wisdom.

Jonah Hill (Superbad) is awesome as the Assistant General Manager.  The movie also offers the most realistic look at baseball – or any sport, for that matter – depicted in a movie.  And the story line is surprisingly accurate and honest.

This film displays movie making at its best.  The story is told slowly and intricately without getting boring.  A must see.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Popcorn.  60% Lemonade and 40% Raspberry Iced Tea.

Reality Hits You Hard, Bro

I ask very little of you people in exchange for writing this blog.  But today I implore you to indulge me this one small favor:  watch the above video.  It’s two minutes long but I think you could stop whining about changes to Facebook to take a look.  The man featured in the video is giving his first hand account of an automobile accident in which he was involved.  In Phoenix.  Apparently car crashes are way more interesting down there.  Reality hits you hard, bro.  Truer words have never been spoken.  Enjoy.

Random Thursday

*Never more than this week has my “other” job gotten in the way of this “job.”  I hate when that happens.

*From the “You can’t make it up” department:  A woman is coming to my home Saturday to groom CJ.  A house call.  And I can knock $5 off the price if I “bathe” him Friday night.  If “things” go well…or even if they don’t, I smell a Monday blog…with photos.  I see it as a home game for CJ.

*Reggie Tales shout out to Ditch Digger.

*In the history of baseball one team with a payroll of $100 million or more has lost 100 games in a season.  The Twins will be the second.

*While the dog whisperer is doing her thing, I might slink out of the house and go see Brad Pitt in “Money Ball.”  Hope they don’t notice I’ve left.

Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Like most things that are good, I’m a little late to the party.  Then when I do discover it I generally go completely overboard with it.  In this case it’s the television show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

For the last three years or so I’ve had no less then 23 people tell me how much I would enjoy this show.  Most were surprised that I had never watched a single episode.  You have to remember that watching the Twins lose every day, the Vikings lose every Sunday, and “The Office” reruns takes up an enormous amount of my time.  And parasailing.

I might be late jumping on the bandwagon but I’m happy to be finally aboard.  What a funny show.  And daring.  “Always Sunny” goes quite a bit further than other shows would ever dream of going.  So I’ve been dutifully trying to play catch up of the seasons I’ve missed.

It also answers for me the question, “Whatever happened to Danny DeVito?”

Friday Photo

It’s usually not a good sign when you arrive at your workplace and there is a large piece of destructive equipment sitting out front.  Poised and ready to destruct.  But once I was assured that WDAZ wasn’t being torn down I ventured in to work.  Turns out our parking lot and sidewalks are being upgraded.  If you get the chance, please notice the nice photography skills.  I used a technique I like to call “framing.”  I still got “it.”

Random Thursday

*Is it a sad year on the Minnesota sports scene when the Lynx are the only real hope for a championship?

*Both my daughters have friends with dogs named “Mauer.”  Insert your own Joe Mauer punchline here.

*I’m starting to think that Trevor Plouffe might not be the answer the Twins are looking for.  At least Nick Punto could field and throw the ball to first.

*As I was attempting to sell my 2002 Mountaineer the other day to a nice couple from Minot, I let CJ the dog out of the house and he promptly jumped in and joined them in the front seat.  They bought the vehicle and I kept CJ.  Win-win?

*Reggie Tales shout out to Doug in Brainerd.

*I was a repeat offender at JL Beers last week.  It’s still good.

Four Year Old Kicks Smoking Habit


Click the above link to view a very heartwarming story.

Good news everyone!  Remember my little friend Aldi?  He was the two year old Indonesian boy with the two pack a day smoking addiction.  Thankfully ABC News followed up on this Internet sensation and brings us the feel good story of 2011.  Now four, Aldi has kicked the cigs.  I have a feeling that we are going to be hearing a lot from Aldi throughout the course of his life.  He seems to have a lot of character and spunk.  Gone is his signature leather jacket and in its place a pretty slick pair of sunglasses.  YAY ALDI!

And  to the good people of Indonesia:  Stop offering cigarettes to Aldi!


My dad’s birthday is the Fourth of July.  That’s pretty cool.  My birthday is September 11th.  And while it might be considered interesting, it’s not very cool at all.  And for the record, today is my mom’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Mom!  If you ever get the Internet or a computer or a cell phone you might see this.  Otherwise the phone call this morning will have to do.  But I digress.

For the last 10 years I’ve gone out of my way to keep the date of my birth quiet.  After 9/11/2001, whenever I was asked for my birth date, I would mumble, “September 11th.”  Sometimes people would respond with a crestfallen look and, “Oh…that’s too bad.”  But most would glare and say, “Are you serious?” 

Why would I possibly kid about that?  Some people seem genuinely upset that my birthday falls on this historic date.  Well, I didn’t pick it and if I could change it I would.  It’s been a very strange 10 years when my birthday comes around.