Monday Photos

If you have to watch the Twins lose, I suggest doing it from really good seats.

I’ve been to five Twins games this year at Target Field and I have yet to see them win.  You can’t make those odds up.  I’m starting to think that maybe it’s not my fault and that it’s possible that they just aren’t very good.  Anyway, these photos are from last Thursday night.  And if you’re going to be subjected to a Twins loss it’s more fun to be up close and personal.

Joe Mauer heads out to right field at the start of the game Thursday night. It is the first time he's ever played that position in his major league career. I think this photo also shows that I am still a pretty decent photographer.

One of my favorite non-Twins, Derek Jeter, greets Justin Morneau during one of his many visits to first base.

I found this interesting. It's Denard Span seeming to be disinterested in pregame festivities. I guess that's what you're supposed to do when your on the disabled list for the second time for the same concussion. In the background is Ben Revere applauding wildly.